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TimberStrip Pro™ Deck Stripper

TimberStrip Pro is a professional-grade, caustic-based formula designed to efficiently remove oil based stains and sealers from exterior wood surfaces. TimberStrip Pro ships in a concentrated granular form which you can mix on or off the job site. The strippers stabile nature allows you to mix up solutions for later use without sacrificing the overall strength and effectiveness of the product. Our 30 lb. tub makes 60 gallons of concentrated solution. Every application of TimberStrip Pro must be followed by an application of TimberBright Pro brightener/neutralizer, or a product of equivalent nature. Improper neutralization of TimberStrip Pro will result in the premature failure of your newly applied finish.

Please Note!! TimberStrip Pro is of a caustic nature and can damage surrounding vegetation. All precautions should be taken to protect any and all items not to be stripped with TimberStrip Pro. TimberStrip Pro can cause damage to surrounding metal surfaces including aluminum, brass, and copper and should be kept off through means of adequate protection. Protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, bibs, and a respirator must be worn when working with TimberStrip Pro for your own well being and safety.